I didn’t want to admit my fitness level and it cost me

Rewind back to spring 2012.  I had some cool friends in the Beachbody business get me hooked up with Shaun T’s Insanity.

I wasn’t ready.

Insanity is SUPER intense balls-to-the-wall cardio.  I was not already in good shape (or even decent shape) and yet I decided I would do Insanity.  Being a male in my 20’s I did not want to admit I needed something less intense than Insanity.  The informercials were AMAZING and very inspirational.  You see all those guys sweatin’ like crazy and you think, “yeah, I can do that too!”

So I did it.  The first workout, I barely made it through the warm-up!  I modified pretty heavily at first, but eventually worked up to where I could hang on pretty well.  Once you partially get through the entire program, the ante is upped and next thing I knew – the workouts practically doubled in length and intensity.  But, I kept at it.  You know what?  I actually completed it.


Can I count it as a success story?


No, I don’t really think so.

First of all, I hadn’t changed my diet.  At all.  I kept eating all the wrong foods and ate in excess.  Not only did that defeat my entire efforts with weight loss, but it actually made the workouts themselves more difficult.  If I had properly fueled my body for that intense level of exercise, I may have been able to crush it significantly better during each day.

I gained muscle tone and endurance, but it didn’t last.  Once I finished the 60 days, I stopped.  I mean, I STOPPED.  I went right back to the way I lived previously.  No, I didn’t really have much room to fall on my diet, but I stopped exercising almost entirely.  Well, entirely.  I didn’t really start exercising again for two full years.

Most damning, I think, was because I was ill prepared for the level of intensity, I actually injured myself.  I didn’t feel the full effects for a few months.  One day, I was getting out of my car and my back EXPLODED.  I’d never experienced pain like that in my life.  I’d hurt my back and I believe it was a direct result of Insanity – not that Insanity will hurt you, but it CAN if you’re not ready for it.  My back pain grew pretty severe and I’d had to sign up for some heavy duty prescriptions to help ease the suffering.  As a pilot, I am not allowed to fly with nearly any kind of prescription drug, and these pain killers and muscle relaxants especially.  Yet another reason that led to me eventually caring a great deal more about my overall health and wellness.


So, what should I have done instead?


If you are like I once was, you should really consider not overextending your abilities with a workout routine.  It’s too easy to think, “Well, if it’s going to be worth the effort, I have to plunge into the deep end”.

Not true.  I hurt myself.  I put myself years behind schedule.  All because I couldn’t deal with finding a program that was for a beginner, which is truly what I was capable of doing.

Fast forward to 2015 and I signed up for the 21 Day Fix, a beginner’s program.  I’ve had periods since then where I’ve had breaks in exercising and even eating right, but I actually healed my back pain by sticking to what I could handle.  

From now on, I’m going to stay within my capabilities – but always make sure I am slowing increasing them.

You can, too, if you sign up to have me as your Beachbody Coach.  Want to know more?  Shop today!