When is the best time to exercise?

My inspiration came from Brent and Alli Upham, of Beachbody fame. They simplified it into the core idea that you should plan to exercise during the time you will get it done. I have to say, I agree wholeheartedly.

Think about it: If you plan on working out in the morning, but you are not a morning person, do you think you will actually get it done? Or if you plan to work out in the evening and you are the type who will become so worn out through the day, by the time the sun goes down you say, “I am just too tired. I’ll do it tomorrow.”? You know I’m talking to you!

So the best time to exercise is the time when you will exercise at all!!

But, what does science say about what time of day is the best time to exercise?

According to MedicalDaily.com, it all depends on your fitness goals.


This is where most of us feel we need to concentrate, am I right? I know I concentrate on this category. Belly fat sure is stubborn! Apparently it does not make much of a scientific difference for weight loss on whether you work out in the morning or in the evening. Choose the time that works the best for you and, most importantly, get it done!!


The morning leaves many of us sluggish and tired. In the evening, when the day is done, we’re all out of steam and ready to crawl into bed.

But, what about the afternoon? Ahh, the afternoon slump. If you are looking to exercise with peak performance, perhaps the afternoon is your best bet. Your mind is tired and needs a jump start. Your muscles are warm from the day’s activities and will not require much of a cold start to your workout. An added benefit to having the muscles already warm is less risk of injury during exercise.


I’m not yet to the point where my main goal and focus is to build muscle. All I want to do right now is trim off body fat and zero in on my nutrition. But, hopefully in the next few months, I will be more prepared to focus on muscle definition. Lucky for me, the best time to do so is working out in the evening. I love working out in the evening. I do not like to get up early out of bed and I am most motivated after the sun goes down – and the baby is in bed.


Once again, we go back to the simple fact that the time of day doesn’t matter if you’re not going to overcome the mental obstacles that creep up if you don’t plan for what works best for you. Even though my goals are centered mostly on fat loss right now, I still think for me afternoon or evening workouts are my best bet. What about you? What is your ideal time to get the work done? Comment below and let me know!

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