For the first time in forever…

One of the problems is that my job has meant quite a few more moves from one city to another than most people have to deal with.  Another problem has been that we live in a state where there is a higher per capita of the elderly in the population, which can make it a little difficult to find a church where a young couple can fit in.

Probably the biggest hurdle was that when you fly on demand charter for a FAA Part 135 Air Carrier, you don’t have much of a life.  I couldn’t make an appointment, get together with friends or family, or even be home on a Sunday morning to go to church.  So, after awhile, we just stopped looking.

I’m the kind of guy who kept on reading my Bible App on the road and listening to podcasts from Calvary Chapel Melbourne and Brant Hansen, but we had long ago given up on the search for a church home.

Welcome Home

That is the first thing you hear when you walk in the door at Christ Fellowship.  CF is a growing church in South Florida and I can see why.

Yes, they’re a big church.  Yes, they have attractive buildings and neat “toys”.  But, from what I have seen so far, it is the people that make the church.

When we walked in the door we were greeted by a dozen people holding boxes of donuts.  I mean, come on.  🙂  The day we went to visit was “family day” and a ton of kids helped lead the music during the service.  Oh, and it was during their “At the Movies” series and we pretty much watched Finding Nemo for the sermon.  Haha!

But more than that, it’s service to the community.  The handful of times we have been now, they have reported how their members are out in the community serving with a grateful heart.  I love that.

Finally, now a huge one for us, is safety for our little girl.  We have visited a number of churches since she was born and very few of those churches were places where we felt safe handing off our daughter.  When the caretakers don’t even take our names and take our little girl away without much of a passing glance, I’m sorry – I just don’t feel great about who might come to pick her up and successfully take her out of the building.  No, you can’t have my toddler in your care.  I’m not even sorry.  Christ Fellowship has a multi-layered security process to ensure that no one else can come take our kid.  That is what I want.

I look forward to having a fun place to go to church every Sunday.  We’ll have something to look forward to as adults and our little girl sure has a lot of cool stuff to look forward to as well.

So, finally, I think we have a church home.