Flew North, ate some bread, and did some P90X3 Accelerator Cardio

Yesterday afternoon we flew northbound.  For the privacy of my employers, I probably will never say exactly where, but suffice it to say we’re northern US.  After my partner and I prepared the airplane to spend the night up here, we left for the hotel and checked in.  It was fairly late by that point, so we hopped an Uber ride to go have some dinner.’

Texas Roadhouse: I came for the buttery yeast rolls

Holy moly, those stupid rolls are kryptonite.  I’m definitely not back into the swing of things yet with my nutrition.  Not only did I have way too many of these delicious rolls, but I also had a Coke to drink – a major no no if I’m on point.  I’m kind of using this stumbling across the finish line Victory Week as a transition week for myself.  Not exactly the way I wanted to cross the finish line on P90X3, but at least I’m crossing it.  Up next will be the 21 Day Fix so I can focus primarily on my nutrition.  After all, that’s 70-80% of the fat loss battle.  Exercise and hydration are very important parts of the puzzle, but I’ll really need to focus on nutrition here pretty soon.

P90X3 Accelerator – High Intensity Cardio

Accelerator is Day 2 of Victory Week in P90X3.  Tony Horton keeps everything light hearted and fun, BUT make no mistake:  This is no easy workout.

You don’t need any equipment for this workout, which is nice when I’m in the hotel room.  I need some water (gotta stay hydrated) and a towel.  I don’t like to get up and down off a gross dirty hotel floor, so I usually lay a bath towel down as a sort of workout mat.

The workout itself is a typical 30 minute duration P90X3 workout that focuses entirely on cardio.  Tony changes the pace throughout the exercises from “normal” to “bust your butt fast”.  The picture of me up top is doing “foot pursuit”, basically sprinting as if I’m chasing down a criminal.

He’ll have you doing everything from that foot pursuit, to mountain climbers, to 3 squat hops.  I have to say, since I have been off the trail for so many weeks, that I was unable to do the entire workout without either modifying or flat out sitting out certain moves.  For now, I’m ok with that because my entire focus is the mental workout of convincing myself to get back in the game.  Nailing the moves and nutrition will come later.

Tonight I head to the northeast for the final stop on my flight tour for the week.  I’ll airline home tomorrow morning (yay!!) and then will be waiting for a call to airline back up to the airplane to start it all over again.  In the meantime I’ll be focusing as best I can on getting in the game, staying relatively on point with nutrition, and not giving up.  After all, it’s time to go from soul crushing to goal crushing.

Want to workout with me?  I’d love to have someone to share the journey with.  Pick out a Beachbody workout and let’s get fit together!