With everything going on this week (with my mom, work, and so much more), I almost decided to delay this post.  But, that would defeat its purpose for me and my family.  And I’m not doing this to be defeated.


Work, life, family – the last few years have attacked us on basically all levels.  Many of you know what it takes to have a career in aviation, and when you’re with a bad company it can be much, much worse.  Combine that stress with really painful family drama and some collateral damage tends to happen.  I gained weight, I had unquenchable back pain, and my whole digestive system was a nightmare.


This entire past year we’ve been looking for ways to find positive changes for our family.  I have a new job and MUCH more time with my girls.  But, I still needed to repair the physical damage done to my body.


I love food and generally have hated exercising (like at the gym).  A friend turned me on to a Beachbody program so I did it.  I lost 13 pounds and 2 inches in the first WEEK, which is great, but the best part is I feel better.  I have energy, my back doesn’t hurt every day…I don’t even have heartburn.  All that and much more happened right away.  For the first time in a long time, my body feels great.  Clean eating and the right exercise go a LONG way.


Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing – if you’re like me, and you’re maxed out, don’t know where to start, what to do to make a lasting change in habits, it is totally doable.  I had a Beachbody Coach who inspired me (you know who you are) and I’ve decided to join in.  I’m becoming a Beachbody Coach myself, so I can use my positive attitude and encouragement to help other people free themselves from feeling like garbage inside and out.


I love this, because it doesn’t matter how busy you are, where you live, or what kind of shape you’re in – it’s attainable.  I love this, because I can work towards my own goals from anywhere, whether I’m at home or out flying a trip.  My crazy successful Coach friend is sharing all his knowledge with me on how to encourage anyone who wants to look, feel, and be better.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting started!  More info coming soon..