Oh, Carbs, Why Have You Betrayed Me?

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s meant the food pyramid looked a little different then than it does (or should) today.  Back then, the base of the pyramid consisted of rice, pasta, cereals, and bread.  The next step up was fruits and vegetables, followed by dairy and meats, and finally sparing amounts of fats and sweets.

So you’d think, based on this old pyramid, that you should make the bulk of your diet be carbs, right?  Right?

I didn’t care as much when I was a kid (because what kid does?), but into adulthood, I saw the pyramid as it was and thought as long as I eat mostly grains I am at least laying the right foundation for my diet.  Wrong.

It turns out that carbohydrates are really awesome and necessary for a lot of important bodily function…in moderation.  Too few carbs and your body will start to have impaired digestion or brain function.  Too many and they are literally stored as fat.  Wait, what?

This whole time, the USDA lied to me?  Their food pyramid was literally making me fat?  I have to say, that makes me a little angry.  I don’t know enough to say whether they did this intentionally or whether it was simply because they did not understand the science as well back then (probably the latter), but now I have to undo all the damage.

And for me, carbs have been one of the hardest food categories to reprioritize.

When I bought Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix it came with the color coded food portion containers.  After I took the little questionnaire to find out how many servings of carbs I should eat per day (to lose weight) I was shocked.  It wasn’t much at all.  How on earth was I supposed to fill my nutrition for the day if I only got to eat that many carbs?  Honestly, it’s been tough to manage.  My pantry is stocked with carbs.  Half my fridge is stuffed with carbs.  I want carbs.  Carbs make me feel good, right?

I’m happy to say that, today, I am able to pass my day with the newly suggested number of carb with relative ease.  It took awhile for me and it might for you, too.

But, as SciShow explains to us, it’s the right thing to do.

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Eat the right amount of carbs with me!