My Top 5 Excuses to Not Work Out

I started exercising with Beachbody workouts late 2015.  My results have been very positive, which has helped me stay more motivated to continue than anything I’ve ever tried before.

But I still lose my way.

This health and wellness road isn’t for sissies.  It’s not that the workouts themselves have to be so tough that I can’t even begin to complete them, it’s mostly a mental game.  I have to be motivated to take the time to do them.

So get on with it already

  1.  Time mismanagement
    1. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I skip a workout.  I may have good intentions, but there are a million other things that get in my way that I allow to prevent me from following through.  Workouts HAVE to be planned.  For me (when I’m not at work), I can workout either during my daughter’s naptime or after she goes to bed.  If I don’t plan my day to accommodate those time slots, then my workout will be overlooked.
  2. Work (travel)
    1. This might not apply to everyone out there, but when you fly airplanes for a living, you can’t always workout on travel days.  Pilots are permitted to work long days (and especially long days for what I do) and there’s just no way.  I have to accept these days are going to happen and not beat myself up about them, because at the end of the day I need to provide for my family.
  3. Kids
    1. If you have kids, you know what I mean.  Mine is currently 3 years old and if I can’t be flexible then I’m not going to be a very good daddy.  Sometimes this means I have to skip a workout.
  4. Fatigue
    1. Exercising actually helps fight fatigue, when done regularly.  We all will have days, though, that we’re so drained we need to sleep first before anything else.
  5. Lack of desire
    1. If you wake up every day (I mean EVERY day) so crazy excited and focused on working out, you may be some kind of monster.

So how do these compare to your experience?  Comment below!