My Top 5 Excuses for Not Eating Healthy


Wow, what a list, right?  We’ve all been there.  Seriously, we are so conditioned by our food culture here in the USA that eating healthy is something that takes careful thought.  Further, I believe, that our bodies are so programmed to “want” unhealthy food that we just don’t naturally reach for healthy food like others cultures can tend to do throughout the world.

I grew up in the 80’s, and while my parents were fairly educated on nutrition (I’m the son of a doctor, after all), I still suffered from being a product of a convenience food generation.  I mean, when I was a kid I ate Cheetos, hot dogs, soda, cookies and only on the odd occasion, something healthy like fish.  Sometimes I hear people say they don’t eat healthy because they didn’t come from a family of means or they just didn’t know better.  I’m sure that can be true, but it’s not exclusive to that group.

I just ate poor food choices because I could.  


Fast forward some 30 odd years


It wasn’t until I entered my 30’s that I really started to realize the value of proper nutrition.  Not so much because my metabolism is slowing down, but because spending that many years improperly fueling your body leads to other health problems.  I think a lifetime of digestion issues could have been avoided if I’d just spent most of my food intake on food that fuels.

It first hit me when I watched an episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown.  He had gained a fairly significant amount of belly fat while hosting his show on the Food Network and, one day, over the editing table he saw himself on screen and freaked out a little.  How did he get so chubby, so insidiously?

He went on a mission.  He used the knowledge he had about food and nutrition and devised a meal plan that allowed him to still eat REAL food and lose weight at the same time.  He didn’t even add additional exercise into his routine and he lost 50 pounds!


I love Alton Brown, but I didn’t think his nutrition plan was realistic, so I went on the hunt for my own


I’d had quite a few friends share their success with Beachbody and when I heard about the 21 Day Fix, I thought I would give it a try.  The most attractive thing about the program (other than beginner level exercises I knew I could handle) was the color coded meal portion containers.  I’m a sucker for overeating and I’m also a sucker for eating proportionally more of the wrong foods than the right foods.

Autumn Calabrese taught me how much to eat of what so well that it fits into my every day life.  So much so, that I’ve lost 30 pounds despite making wrong turns fairly often.

So what are my top 5 reasons??


  1. Work (travel)
    1. As you may know, I fly for a living.  When you’re on the road, it isn’t quite as easy to fit healthy nutrition into the plan…because there almost is no plan . It comes down to making wise choices when ordering, but even that is no gaurantee.  Sometimes I end up with zero chocies that are healthy and must eat what I can to not go hungry.  Other times, it is all too easy to throw goals out the window when you’re staring down the menu of kryptonite.
  2. Family
    1. I spend a lot of time with family I don’t share a household with.  They don’t share my nutrition goals, and while they are kind and thoughtful, it’s often too much to ask to have everyone accommodate my nutrition goals.  These particular family members are in a food rut and it consists of pizza, wings, burgers, steak, and occasionally pasta.  I love all those foods, but I can’t eat them multiple times per week and expect to lose belly fat.
  3. Convenience
    1. Eating healthy does not have to be inconvenient or expensive, but let’s face it:  If I’m feeling hungry for a snack and I have convenient junk food staring me down, it’s awfully hard to say “nope, I’m going to eat these carrots for a snack.”  Or, if it’s been a long day and I can eat some convenient food that’s easy to prep over a healthy meal that takes more thought, it’s also tough to stay on track.
  4. Cravings
    1. As I said, 30 some years of eating the wrong foods has left me still having cravings for food I shouldn’t eat.  The more I’ve eaten healthy food, the less often those cravings happen, but they still do happen.  At any point, I could sit down and destroy of sleeve of Oreos and only realize my shame once I reach for the last cookie that.. oops, it’s already in my mouth.
  5. Old habits
    1. Eating healthy is part of a lifestyle change for us in the USA.  We spend all our lives eating one day and then when we realize the price we must pay for that and we try to change – it’s a big deal.


How do we avoid the mistakes?


I’m not sure they’ll ever be completely eliminated, but I hope for myself to be able to minimize the number of times I fall off the trail.  It’s important to remember to eat food that fuels.  Avoid energy dense foods and reach for nutrition dense foods instead.  But most of all, it takes planning.  I can help give you the tools for how to plan your meals ahead of time to reach your goals.  With the purchase of a Beachbody product from me, you also have direct guidance from me at no additional charge.