Let’s Get Chiseled: Master’s Hammer and Chisel Day 2 Hammer Plyometrics

My first workout with Sagi Kalev!  Haha, he’s a little awkward on camera, I have to say.  I suppose it doesn’t matter how he stumbles sometimes in front of the camera when I’m really only here to learn from his expertise in fitness.  This man’s a beast – and, well, it’s no surprise that’s what they call him.

I actually really did enjoy this workout.  It’s fairly short, at only 26 minutes, but I don’t think there will be a workout in the program that is easy.  I also don’t think any workout with “plyometrics” in its title is going to be easy, either.  Plyo is tough!

This workout requires:

Dumbbells, bands, pull-up bar, and a bench or stability ball.

This workout has 2 rounds of 9 moves at 30 seconds each.

Vertical Jump: We might as well start out working.  This is a squat to a jump.  Get moving.

Burpee Pull-Up: Hey!  Let’s combine my two least favorite things! Actually, though, combining the two made it doable for me.  There was enough of a break between each type of move that I was able to hang on for the duration.

Leg In and Outs:  Straddle the bench while holding it.  Then jump your legs up onto it and then back down.  Repeat.  Many times.  I did this without a bench and it was still a good workout.

Plyo Push-Up Taps:  I don’t have a bench, but I used a chair.  Put your feet up onto the chair and do a push-up or two.

Crazy Horse:  Hold the bench and then hop up and over.  Again, no bench for me.  So, I just used the floor.

Chin Up Crunch Jump Squat:  Say that five times fast.  Ok, so do a chin-up in combination with a crunch.  Then, away from the chin-up bar, do a squat to a jump.  Repeat.

Knee Driver:  Use one weight.  Do a one-legged squat and then jump into the air on the same leg with the weight held up over your head.  Kind of hard to describe with words.  It’s easier to understand with the trainer on tv.

Sumo Tuck Jump:  Just like it sounds.  Do a sumo squat and then up into a jump.

Lunge Lunge Squat:  Two lunges then a squat.

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