Let’s Get Chiseled: Hammer and Chisel Day 7, Total Body Hammer

Huh.  Well, I actually enjoyed this workout.  I’m really digging the whole weight lifting part of exercising.  Even though I feel a little bit like Chander still (“All your stuff is really really heavy!!”), when I get done I feel stronger. That is good motivation to keep going.

The Total Body Hammer is hosted by Sagi Kalev.  It’s 45 minutes of weight lifting and you have the option during the 60 Day Hammer and Chisel Calendar to also do the 15 minute Ab Hammer.

There are three rounds to the Total Body Hammer.  Each of the three rounds has 3 moves and each move is done twice.  For each set, a move is done at 10, then 8, then six reps.  Confused yet?  Well, you wouldn’t be if you were signed up for Beachbody On Demand and were doing this workout along with me!

Round One:

Bench Press:  I modified a little bit, not having a ball or bench.  But, it’s a basic bench press.

Squat: A squat is a squat.

Reverse Grip Row:  Focuses on the back

Round Two:

Incline Fly:  Work your upper chest

Reverse Lunge: Alternate legs between sets.

Wide Pull-Up: I don’t do very many of these.  The first one is pretty and the rest are ugly.  But, I’ll keep trying.

Round Three:

Military Press:  A chair worked for me.

Split Squat: One leg on the floor and one up on the bench.

Post Deltoid Fly:  One arm at a time.

I wonder if towards the end of the 60 days I will be even more motivated to continue on to do the 30-day calendar focusing solely on The Hammer.

Let’s be fitness friends!  There is a spot for you in my online accountability group!

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