Let’s Get Chiseled: Hammer and Chisel Day 6, Chisel Endurance

Haha, ok, I made some pretty excellent faces while I did my workout today.  I didn’t even realize I had a goofy grin on while I was doing the workout.  I suppose that means I’m enjoying it a little bit.  I think they have the people on the workout videos smile on purpose for the video, but they always look a little goofy while they do it.  Well, apparently I do that naturally! Haha.

I like endurance exercises.  One of the reasons I enjoy road cycling is to set a pace that’s just right and go all day.  One of these days I’d like to ride some awesome distances, but for now, I am so focused on Beachbody, my bicycle will have to wait.

Chisel Endurance is only 35 minutes, which at first, I thought was a little short for an “endurance” workout.  Well, Autumn has us do these moves for 60 seconds and they’re actually pretty tough to do 60 seconds twice over.  You’ll need your weights, pull-up bar, bench / stability ball, and resistance bands.

You’ll need your weights, pull-up bar, bench / stability ball, and resistance bands.

Ok, so there are 7 moves. Remember we do them each twice for 60 seconds.

Bench Run Ups Left and Right:  Boy, it would sure help to have a bench!  Basically, do a weighted step up and down leading first with one foot and then the other.

Negative Pull-ups: Yeah.  Right.  I’m not ready to do 60 seconds of pull-ups at all, much less negative pull-ups.  The idea is to go slow on the way down and then explode up.  I just went at my own pace and did the best that I could.  I am not the type of guy who counts reps (I find it doesn’t help me).  All I know as that as time marches on, I expect to do these without taking breaks of any length.

Step Up Crossovers Left and Right: Um, you’d do better to see it than have me explain it.  Honestly, just join Beachbody on Demand for $2.99 per week and you’ll have all access to this program.  Seriously worth it.

Decline Push-up: These are oddly fun.  Put your feet on your bench or a chair.  Do push-ups from this position.  I made it the entire 60 seconds both times.  Hooray!

1 Hand Row with Leg Extension Left and Right: Bent over row and your leg will go up along with your arm.

Incline Press: If you have a bench, you’re supposed to set it at a 45-degree incline and do presses.  I don’t have a bench, so I just sat in a chair.

Plank Knee Taps: Do a sphinx style plank and tap alternating knees on the ground for the duration.

Now go back and enjoy my goofy smile!


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