Let’s Get Chiseled: Hammer and Chisel Day 5, ISO Speed Hammer

I spent so many years of my life wanting to distance myself from “jocks”.  I’d spent enough time in my formative years simply being annoyed or full on bullied by jocks.  I wanted to be nothing like them.  Sagi Kalev might be a “jock” of sorts, but he also was bullied as a kid.  Supposedly, that is why he worked to become such a beast.  Something I find endearing, though, is at the end of the day he is kind of nerdy.  He doesn’t have the most comfortable on camera personality and personally, I think, it makes him human.

So now that I am spending some time doing these workouts, I am finding them informative, strength building, and slightly entertaining.  Today was the ISO Speed Hammer with Sagi Kalev.  Don’t let the short duration of the workout fool you, because these 25 minutes will be fully spent.

Again, be ready to pull out your bench / stability ball, pull-up bar, weights, and resistance bands.  Still, I do not have a bench or stability ball and I am altogether winging it if they don’t suggest a specific modification to the exercise.

The word “Isometric” refers to a cease in motion during a move intended to build strength.  Rather than be concentric or eccentric, we are focusing today on isometric.  There is a “hold” for each of these moves, except that rather than a simple hold, Sagi has us do a modified hold.  It mostly ended up being a “quick” hold between sets of varying speeds.

Push-up: 10 slow pushups followed by 10 at a faster pace.

Static Lunge: Weighted Lunge.

Chin-ups: Just like the Push-ups, 10 slow then 10 fast.

Dead Lift: Simple dead lift.

Side Lateral Raise: You’ll want lighter weights for these.

Sumo Squat: Typical sumo squat, but weighted.

Rear Delt Cross Fly: Have bands at the ready for this.  It’s one you’ll want to see visually for a demonstration.

Pistol Squat: One legged squat, weighted.

Curl Face Down: Sit on a bench or stability ball.  Basic bicep curl.  I just did a standing curl.

Calf Raises: The one muscle in my body which is naturally strong.  These are so easy for me, I don’t know what I can do to up the ante.

Tricep Kick Back Twist: Bend, kick arms back, and twist.