Let’s Get Chiseled: Hammer and Chisel Day 3, ISO Chisel

This was an interesting workout.  When you think “isometric”, you might think about moves like plank – where you aren’t going through a dynamic motion to strengthen the muscle, but simply holding a position.  Autumn Calabrese has introduced some moves here that are standard concentric exercises but are given a combination of an isometric hold within each set.  I see what you did there 😉  It made it more interesting and fun, and probably even more effective doing both types of moves in concert with each other.

ISO Chisel Workout:

This 35-minute workout is focused on building strength and stability.  You’ll use a bench, pull-up bar, and a dumbbell.

There are 8 moves within this workout.  Each move will be 10 reps with a 10-second isometric hold.  Perform each move three times!

Warm-up:  Of course.

Sumo Squat:  Autumn had us grab our dumbbells and do a weighted squat.  Great to get started and begin to raise the heart rate.

Push-Up:  The isometric hold makes these tough.  30 push-ups?  Yeah, I can do that.  Add three 10 second isometric holds?  Ok, whew!

Split Squat:  This is a move that helps if you own a bench.  I do not.  Haha!  But, I used a chair (I’m pretty tall) and was able to perform the move.  Basically, place one foot on the bench and the other on the floor.  Do a weighted squat with the floor leg.

Pull-Up:  Argh I’m wishing I was already better at pull-ups.  Chin-ups I can do.  Pull-ups rely heavily on the back muscles (lats) and mine just aren’t there yet.  But, they won’t get stronger if I don’t do the work.

Step Up Side Hold:  Hmm.  Another move requiring a bench.  I should really get a bench.  (I wish I had a little more cash on hand).  Anyway, if you own a bench you can stand on one leg and do a weighted squat on that leg.  For the rest of us, you can do a weighted pistol squat to complete the move.

1 Arm Row:  Bent over row with one arm weighted with your dumbbell.  Oddly, I’m pretty good at these even though I’m terrible at pull-ups.   I suppose they use different muscles?

Sit up C Curve: Weighted C position sit ups.

Lateral Raise: Wow these are good for the shoulders!  I am going to need to add to my dumbbell collection now.  I really only have one set of 15’s at this point. They are too heavy for me to do too many lateral raises with just yet.

I’m only three days into the Master’s Hammer and Chisel and I am sore.  I’m drinking my recovery drink, which definitely helps.  I don’t know if I’d be able to do all these workouts back to back like this without it!  It works.  Aside from the Beachbody Performance drink, I am actually doing really well on my nutrition.  I’m saying no to treats and am slowly incorporating more vegetables and fewer carbs into my daily intake.  I think towards the end of this week I am going to have some real results to show for it.


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