Let’s Get Chiseled: Hammer and Chisel Day 13, Chisel Balance

Ok, these stupid abrasions on my knees and feet are getting to me.  Not trying to be gross, but they’re not sealing very well.  It hurts every time I bend my knee or wiggle my toes.  The workout today demand a bit of up and down and bending.  Not exactly into it today.  In fact, I made it about halfway through the workout routine and shut it off.  There’s a difference between feeling the “pain” and feeling pain.  I spent the rest of my self-assigned workout period changing the dressings and trying to position myself for faster healing.  I am making it a goal to not fall behind while I heal, but ugh!

In the meantime, the most important thing for me will to not fall on the nutrition train.  What I mean is, I need to avoid any snaccidents!  I’ve already made some mistakes over the last day or two.  We had our date night, so I had a few candies at the movie theater (less than I normally would!).  Today I did alright with breakfast and lunch, but I snacked on too many crackers and for dinner, I had a fried fish sandwich and fries!  Yikes!  What was I thinking!?  I know I can win it all, but intellectually I know my food choices are going to be what makes the difference on my belly fat.  I want to get rid of it so very badly, and I can’t do it while I am making concessions with food.

I’m resolved to do better tomorrow.  After today, I have a fridge full of fresh produce, so I will have plenty of opportunities to fill the bulk of my food for the day with vegetables.  Water, vegetables, fruit, and NO SNACCIDENTS!!

So, like I said, I did do half of the workout.  Today’s workout was the Chisel Balance or day 13 of 60.  I think tomorrow if my skin is still burning and gross I’m probably going to do the Hammer Power again because I know I could build muscle and burn calories, but go easy on those parts that are healing.  If I don’t finish this in exactly 60 days, honestly I don’t care.  I care most about staying in a workout routine and maintaining good food choices.

Also, just wanted to share a cute moment of the day.  I took my daughter out for errands and when we came home, she wanted to pretend put her baby in her car seat.  Since I had the time (I love my job), I figured why not?  We grabbed her Cabbage Patch doll and headed outside.  Once she was satisfactorily belted in, my little love announced that her baby looked “so cute” and asked if she could take a picture.  Sure, why not kid?  Knock yourself out <3

Cabbage Patch Car Seat

Cabbage Patch Car Seat