Let’s Get Chiseled: Hammer and Chisel Day 12, Hammer Power

Weird few days here.  Yesterday, while walking my dog we were charged and attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull.  I don’t have anything against the breed, but I take issue with an owner who is careless enough to allow their dog to get loose.  I couldn’t dissuade this animal by yelling, clapping, or tripping it.  It made it past me and latched onto my dog’s hindquarters and was full on attacking my dog.  I tackled it and pinned it to the ground and got pretty scraped up in the process.  The owner had lightly jogged over to us – me bleeding, my wife on the ground crying over my dog.  I called animal control, the owner apparently faced a citation and a fine, and my next step was to contact the Homeowner’s Association.  Apparently, my dog was the third to be attacked in as many weeks.  Unacceptable.

What I took away from this was, first of all, how grateful I am my 3-year-old was not with us.  She just happened to have spent the night with the grandparents.  If she had been caught in the fray, I’m not sure how well this would have turned out.  The only thing I could think about was how unusual it was for her to not be there and what kind of scuffle I had to do to get this dog wrestled to the ground.  I have abrasions and lacerations on my feet, legs, and arm.  My little one is not that resilient.  So – the lesson is – I have confirmation that my motivation to be strong and fit to be ready to protect my family is well founded.  We live in a quiet, gated community comprised primarily with retirees.  And this happens.  You never know when you’ll be called upon and you need to be strong.  At least, that’s how I feel as a father.

Who’s going to help me accomplish that goal?  Sagi Kalev with Hammer and Chisel.

Today was Hammer Power.  Excellent workout given the circumstances.  I can’t bend my knee very much because my abrasions are pretty raw.  This workout was perfect to avoid stretching the healing skin too much (or kneeling too much on it).  Additionally, the desire to lift after that whole altercation yesterday is strong.  I have even more push to kill these Spongebob arms.  They have GOT to go.

Hammer Power is 40 minutes of Power Lifting style exercises.  I wish I had more dumbbells, but they’ll have to be collected over time.  They’re not that expensive, but we’ve had an expensive year.

There were two rounds.  The clear difference was the intensity of the moves.

Round One: It paved the way for round two by teaching me how to do the moves I’d need to combine later.

Overhead Press



Jerk Press



Shrug With Extension

Upright Row

Full Upright Row


Full Range Clean

Round Two

Clean And Press

Clean and Squat

Clean Squat Jerk

1 Arm Clean Squat Jerk


I’m going to enjoy circling back to this workout.  My body, surprisingly, seems to be well suited to this kind of workout.  It’ll be something to look forward to, especially as I get stronger.