Let’s Get Chiseled: Beachbody’s Hammer and Chisel – Week Two Day 8 Chisel Cardio

Woo hoo!!  I started the day today with a weigh-in and found I am down 3 pounds this week.  That is a great way to start into week two of the Master’s Hammer and Chisel workout.  I haven’t taken my measurements other than weight, but I am on a good road I can feel it.  It’s meant turning down some treats here and there, which is frustrating, but I can’t have it both ways.

Chisel Cardio

This workout is done by Autumn Calabrese, The Chisel.  She has designed a 40-minute workout to include both cardio and weights.  When I saw cardio on the line-up, I was at first a little bummed.  I wasn’t in the mood for an intense jumping around cardio session.

Most of the moves today included weights, which I’m happy about.  Muscles, it seems, are necessary to kick-start the metabolism.  I’m very interested in both losing weight and gaining some muscle definition, so this is a good way to go about it.  Plus, the cardio moves with the weights meant I wasn’t primarily jumping around (yay!)

Like most of the workouts in this Hammer and Chisel program so far, there is a heavy reliance on equipment.  I am slowly growing accustomed to the equipment usage, but I do miss the ability to just hit play and get going.  But, without the weights and such, I wouldn’t be able to increase the muscle mass as well.  I still have not gone out to buy a bench, stability ball, or something I’d really like to get: the pull-up assistance band.  I’m just not very good at pull-ups yet!  Anyway, the equipment usage means I need to spend a bit more time setting up and tearing down to accommodate the workout.  It still is WAY faster than driving to the gym, but it definitely has put me on a slightly tighter schedule.  It’s making it hard to keep up writing about my workouts daily!

The Moves

There are two rounds with 8 moves in each.  One minute for each move and they are in quick succession.  Obviously, we began with the warm-up.

Over-the-top is a weighted move that has you stepping up onto a bench and back down.  Since I don’t have a bench, I have been following the modifier.

Pull-ups: Sixty seconds of pull-ups is tough for me!  I definitely hope all this practice with them will make me better towards the end of these 8 weeks!

Dumbbell Swing:  This is a modified kettle ball swing.  Basically the same idea.  At this point, I began to have an increased heart rate.

Figure-8:  This is a neat move that starts as a C-position sit.  Add a weight and work your obliques with a figure-8 pattern.

Burpee:  Yep.  Burpees.  One minute each round.  Get it!

Sword Pull Left and Right: This one was tough.  It’s a side lunge combined with a “sword pull” using a weight of your choice.  I was using 10 pounds and it was definitely tough towards the end.  My arms were jelly afterward!

Forearm Plank Kick: Get down on your forearms into a plank position and bring each leg up to work your obliques.  Usually, I am pretty good at this move, but at the end of this workout, I had to take some breaks!

Side Step Up Kick Left and Right:  Using the bench, you keep on foot on the bench and squat and the other comes up and does a fancy kick.  Again, this can be done without the bench.  I basically did a one legged squat and then kicked with the opposite leg.  A leg burner for sure.