Another week gone by.. More bad news in the world. Want an escape, for just a minute?

This is a few years old now, but it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever seen.

Tonight, go outside and look at the sky. Hold out you hand at arm’s length and hold a grain of sand up. What, over the expanse of the universe, does that one grain of sand cover?

The Hubble has done a couple of observations to find out, over the last decade or so. The most recent was in 2012 – the extreme deep field observation. The Hubble pointed at a point in the sky the size of that grain of sand for 23 full days of exposure. What did they find?

5,500 galaxies. Each containing billions of stars.

This photo reaches very near to the edge of the observable universe. Now, imagine filling the rest of the sky with many many millions of grains of sand and imagine what is behind each of them.

For a minute, put down the debates, the arguments, the stress, the worry, the failures…

And marvel.