Turns out, Uber is pretty awesome

Probably most people don’t have to use a taxi or taxi service very often.  Yes, high density population areas like NYC are going to make use regularly, but for the rest of us, maybe not so much.

I fly for a living and travel frequently, especially during the summertime at my current job.  For now, the aircraft I fly is based way up in the northeast a long way away from its usual home in South Florida.  Every time I have a trip on the airplane I have to commute on the airlines up to my airplane to go to work.

Sometimes I get a shuttle ride from a hotel or private aircraft terminal.  Sometimes I have a rental car.  But lately, I have been relying quite a bit on Uber.

I had to travel to the Republican National Convention for work.  I went in and out of Cleveland a little bit during the week and the city of Cleveland was VERY welcoming of Uber and other rideshare companies.  When I arrived at Cleveland airport on the airlines, I was able to follow signs to a special pickup area set up specifically for Uber.  I hailed my ride, hopped in, and had an extremely pleasant ride to my hotel downtown for less cost than a yellow taxi.

The other day I had to fly on the airlines into LaGuardia.  New York and New Jersey are pretty unfriendly to Uber because they don’t want to lose the revenue from the yellow cab services.  Anyway, I still wanted to use Uber because of its simplicity and cost savings, but it does have one pitfall (small, but present): Surge pricing.  When the demand is high, Uber activates surge pricing to attract more drivers to a high demand location.  Of course for passengers that means higher cost.  When I arrived at LaGuardia, the surge pricing was in effect.  The app gave me an option to be notified when surge pricing was expired so I thought I’d wait in the line for a yellow cab in the meantime.  Well, the yellow cab line was just short enough to put me in the back seat of one before Uber sent me a notification.  You know what?  The surge price for the trip would have been $10 cheaper than the normal every day fare in the yellow taxi.  Additionally, my taxi driver needed to consult his price book, which wasted about 5 or 6 minutes of my time, had to run my credit card at the end of the trip, wasting more time, and he needed to have me navigate for him.

Needless to say, I prefer Uber. I ignored it for a long time until a friend started telling me how awesome it was to use while jetting around the country.  I thought I’d do the same for you.

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