I fell off the fitness trail – but I’m BACK, baby!

A little over a month ago I was rocking my fitness and nutrition.  I have to say, I was feeling great.  I’d made great progress losing the chub around my belly and I was gaining some good muscle definition.  Then I fell off the trail.

What happened?  Why didn’t I finish strong?

About a month ago, I suffered a bit of a personal defeat.  Something I’ve been hoping would happen for almost 15 years nearly did – and then didn’t.  It was a little soul crushing, to be honest.  Right before the defeat, I had decided to finish “strong” with P90X3 and do the “doubles” option for the last month long block.

The defeat coupled with the self-imposed requirement to do a full one hour of exercise every day turned into accomplishing zero exercise every day.  Then, when I found myself not exercising, it became easier to slide on my nutrition goals.  One thing leads to another and I found myself eating pizza, soda, and junk food.

While I’ve lost some forward progress on my goals, I’m not done.  It’s time for Victory Week.

Today, after a sugary breakfast from the lobby of the hotel I’m staying at for work, I came back to my room knowing today was the day to shake off the defeat.  No more sorrow, no more self-pity…  just goal crushing.

I took out my iPad and decided to finish the last week of P90X3, “Victory Week” with Beachbody On Demand.  It might not be the original victory I intended, but I look at it as victory in that I’m here doing it AT ALL.

The first day of Victory Week was Isometrix, a yoga style workout with extended holds.  Breathing is as important as focus to hold each pose for the full duration.  Since I’m out of practice, I didn’t nail each one, and I didn’t do the burnout move, Crow, at the end – despite it being one of the moves that had become a surprise favorite of mine.

After I limp across the finish line, I’m on to a fresh start.  I’m going from soul crushing to GOAL CRUSHING.

The very first Beachbody program I had life changing success with was the 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese.  The exercises are beginner level, yes, but sometimes for me it’s not about the intensity of the workout, but rather the commitment to the program.  Additionally, the color coded portion containers are the most effective thing for me to monitor how much of each food category I eat per day.

When it’s time to start fresh, I’m going to take an entirely new set of measurements to track my progress through the program.  I’d wanted to enter this summer with a trim belly, but maybe I can still finish the summer with the goal complete.

Want to jump on board with me?  I’d love to have a friend.  Visit my Beachbody Coach page.