From Soul Crushing to Goal Crushing: 21 Day Fix Finish Line

Three weeks are in the bag!  I am done with this round of the 21 Day Fix!!  I am officially back in the habit of focusing on a healthy lifestyle.  I missed a few days here and there, mostly due to work, but I finished pretty much on schedule.  I did have a few days when I decided not to work out in lieu of, say, going to Disney World.  The thing is, a healthy lifestyle is supposed to work around your life not to dictate your life.  That’s what I like about the mentality at Beachbody.

Around three weeks ago when I started this round, I shared my measurements.  I did that for my own accountability.  If I share them publicly, it makes me have a stronger drive to finish.  Maybe it’s for avoiding public embarrassment, but I guess it’s what I need to finish as strong as I can.  Today, I have marked improvement.  Is it as drastic as I wanted?  Well, no, I suppose not.  But, if I hadn’t made a goal three weeks ago to finish this program what kind of progress would I have made otherwise?  You won’t make progress unless you do the work.  A little progress is way better than no progress at all.

My previous measurements?

Chest 38.5″

Belly 37.5″

Waist 35″

Hips 39.25″

Thigh (each) 21.5″

Arm (each) 12.5″

Weight 176.5 lbs.


Today’s measurements

Chest 38.5

Belly 35.25

Waist 34.5

Hips 38.5

Thigh 21.5

Arm 12.5

Weight 175.5


The overall difference

I may only be down 1 pound and that pound may even be just a diurnal fluctuations due to water weight, but I still have progress.  When you add all my dimensional measurements together and compare them to each other, I am down a total of 3.5″ of body fat.

Maybe that isn’t a lot, but here are some things to consider:

My weight when I started was my standard “fighting weight” that I have been at for many years.  This is where my body naturally lives.  Getting below this weight is going to take more work than a beginner’s level program such as the 21 Day Fix.  Yes, I fell off the fitness trail over the last few months, but I am also starting ahead of beginner’s level.  My body will need a more intensive exercise regimen to break through this barrier.  Additionally, I spent 8 of these 21 days travelling for work.  That meant weird hours and restaurant food that is not always the most nutritional if you know what I mean.

I am pretty pleased with the results, though I am inspired to push onward.

Moving forward, I have specific goals in mind to succeed

I know there are several things I need to consider if I am truly going to succeed in the months ahead.  Mostly, they center around nutrition.

Hydration – I know I don’t hydrate well enough.  For the most part, I drink water, just not enough of it.  I’ll be exploring my own knowledge base on the topic in the days ahead.

Vegetables – Honestly, this is tough for me.  I think for most people.  Do I actually like vegetables?  Uh… that’s up for debate.  I’d rather eat just about anything else.  And vegetables are what I am supposed to eat the most of if I am focusing on nutrition.  There’s a lot of science I need to understand to truly appreciate the benefits, but it seems the body chemistry is such that when you eat the proper amount of vegetables you tend to lose weight.  It’s not just about incorporating vegetables into my diet, but really make them the center of my nutritional profile.  Everything else is important, but these are clearly key.

Carbs – My default source of food.  Just about everything in my daily nutrition is carb related.  I’m not the type who thinks carbs are completely evil and should be stricken from the diet, but I do think that I need to control how much I eat.  When I consider the amount recommended by Beachbody when I am using the portion containers, it’s a lot less than I would eat otherwise left unchecked.

I’ll be researching all of these and more in the days ahead so I can better understand how they all interact with each other to make my goals.  Hey!  Why don’t you think about getting fit with me?  You know you want to…