From Soul Crushing to Goal Crushing: 21 Day Fix Disney World Day

Yes!  It’s great to be home!  It was a long 8 days flying around the country, but at last, I am home.  We did not use our Disney World Annual Passes at all over the last month, so we took advantage of the day today to go to the Magic Kingdom.

We’ve gotten pretty slick at working things out just right for us.  We live a few hours away, we have a toddler, and we have a dog who can’t be left alone for too long at home.  Our best bet is to leave for Disney after lunchtime and come home after the park closes.  For us, it works pretty well.

That meant we had to start the day entertaining the little one before we left.  Recently, we’ve been dealing with fussing at bedtime and we struck a deal with her that if she went to bed obediently for two whole weeks she would get a surprise.  She had specifically requested an Elena of Avalor guitar, so that’s what we got her today.  Who knows if when she gets older she’ll have an interest in music, but I would love it if she did.  She’s always had pretty good pitch, so we’ll see!  She had fun playing it today before we left.  It’s a good thing we didn’t tell her we were going to Disney today, though, because I don’t know if we could have gotten her to be relaxed all morning!

After lunch, we hopped into the car and made the trek to Orlando.  She slept nearly the whole time, which is great because that gave her the energy she needed to play hard at Disney World!

She especially loves rides like Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride and Dumbo.  I love watching her face while she controls the ride up and down.  Meeting Mickey is always a priority.  He’s pretty high tech anymore.  His face moves, his eyes blink, and he can talk to you.  Very interactive and very popular.  We always burn a Fast Pass on Mickey when we go.

We did try some new things with her today.  We took her on the Tomorrowland Speedway and gave her an opportunity to get behind the wheel.  I don’t think she could see over the dashboard, but she definitely loved it.

The Haunted Mansion was also new for her.  We had spared her from it in the past because we were worried it would be too scary for her.  She is ridiculously excited for Halloween so we thought we’d give it a try.  We briefed her beforehand what to expect and she said she wanted to do it.  She faced it all like a champ.  We were very proud of her!

That’s great, but how about the 21 Day Fix progress!

I didn’t do an official workout today, but I did get nearly 9 miles of walking done at Disney – much of it with a 30-pound toddler on my shoulders.   My nutrition was relatively on point today, at least for breakfast and lunch.  I did have a hotdog and fries at the park, but that’s about right for Disney World.  I’m excited to be home and in quiet over the next two days so I can finish up the final two workouts for the 21 Day Fix.  I’m a little nervous to check my stats at the end, but I might be surprised at the results when I’m done.