From Soul Crushing to Goal Crushing: 21 Day Fix Day 7 Yoga Fix

Ahh, “rest” day!  The 21 Day Fix, obviously, is a three-week program.  Since it is so short, there are zero, yes ZERO, rest days.  What you do get, though, is an “active recovery day”.  Yoga is not a frenetic sweat fest like Cardio Fix or Total Body Cardio Fix, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a “rest” day.  It is, however, relaxing.  Since I have been involved with Beachbody, I have come to truly appreciate Yoga.

Before Beachbody, I would not have given Yoga a passing thought.  If I wasn’t busting my butt burning calories, I wouldn’t be doing anything.  The truth is, these Yoga workouts are fantastic.  Even on a rest day, it still keeps me moving and active.  They’re wonderful for stretching and flexibility.  And in the 21 Day Fix, it serves a most important purpose – it is here for habit forming.

A 21 Day Program such as the 21 Day Fix exists to help you and me start a new habit of a healthy lifestyle.  Every day we need to make time to focus on health and wellness.  After it becomes integrated into our daily routine, that is when we can say that we live a healthy lifestyle.  After all, I became attracted to Beachbody because it isn’t just a fad workout or diet, but a lifestyle.  To me, that is what makes the most sense.

Have you ever done Yoga?  Have you ever taken it seriously?  Well, perhaps you should take a few minutes to see what it has to offer.  I’ll probably never be some Yoga guru (I think they call them Yogis?  That just makes me think about Yogi Bear, honestly).  It’s actually really tough.  It takes a lot of strength to set and hold some of these moves.  The 21 Day Fix moves are fairly easy, as this is a beginner’s level program, but if you take a look at some of these guys and girls who are really into this, man oh man they perform some ridiculously tough moves.  Wow!

Get ready to learn all about sun salutations, vinyasa, chair poses, warrior poses, and much more.  Some will be easier for you than others.  I guess we all are naturally good at some moves and not at others.  When I did P90X3 with Tony Horton, he was good at some moves that required long arms.  If you have long arms, well, you’ll be in good shape.  For others, it might be really tough.  Don’t worry if you can’t get it right straight away.  One of the most exciting things about the 21 Day Fix is doing these repeat workouts on week’s 2 or 3 and discovering you can ace moves that you couldn’t the week before.  That, my friend, is how you can track progress.

Heehee, and when you’re making a video timelapse, don’t be distracted when your pup makes a cameo.

Want to learn Yoga with me? Come visit my Beachbody site and let's get started!

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