From Soul Crushing to Goal Crushing: 21 Day Fix Day 4, Pilates

Yesterday during the 21 Day Fix Lower Fix Workout, I think I pulled a muscle in my back. It definitely hurts today, I know that much. As you know, I’ve been off the trail for the last few months but I still approached the workout like I was as fit and ready as I was at the tail end of P90X3. Well, I think I made a mistake. Ouch!

What did I do wrong?

The 21 Day Fix Lower Fix workout has a lot of squats scattered throughout. I think I used my back a little too much during those exercises, rather than my legs and my core. Even with the warm up and cool down, it is still possible to hurt yourself if you aren’t using the right form or doing the exercises properly. Autumn says throughout the 21 Day Fix to “modify” as needed – and as this is a beginner’s level workout, there is absolutely no shame in doing so. I just need to take it slow and make sure I am performing the moves correctly more than anything. After all, my biggest goal for these weeks is to recommit my habits towards fitness and nutrition.

Today’s Workout: The 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix

I’ll have to remember this workout if I ever have back pain again. I’ve had back pain since high school and even with all the fitness routines, I still may encounter it occasionally. I do know from experience, though, that when I am on point with my workouts the back pain incidences are majorly reduced.

Anyway, the Pilates Fix focuses on almost yoga style moves in concert with breathing. Men have a habit of looking at Pilates and thinking it’s a girl’s workout. I’m sorry, but even Tony Horton during P90X includes Pilates for its benefits to the overall fitness goals. Pilates is not a frenetic cardio workout or a muscle head power lifting session, but it works incredibly well as an active recovery day. It’s a “rest” day without the rest.


The warm-up is pretty different from the rest of the 21 Day Fix warm-up routines. In a seated position, you begin a series of stretches and reaches while you learn or practice the sharp inhale / exhales so important to Pilates. It’s about four minutes long and as you’d expect, prepares you well for the day’s tasks.

As is the case with the rest of the 21 Day Fix routines, each move has a relatively lengthy (for Beachbody) rest period between. Especially since I am gingerly working with an angry back today, the rest periods were appreciated to allow myself enough time to set for each new move.

The Pilates Fix has 6 Series

Ab Series – Hundreds, Leg Stretch, Scissors, Leg Lowers

High Plank Series – Alternating Leg Lifts, Alternating Knee Pulls, Alternating Toe Taps

C Series – C Center, C Twists, Knee Drivers

Side Series Left and Right – Two Way Kicks, Bicycle Front, Bicycle Back, Mix The Bowl, Stir the Top, Double Tap

Superman Series – Superman, Lift and Rotate, Swim

Low Plank Series – Plank Hold, Hip Drop, Bonus Round

Cool Down – A three minute cool down to stretch and relax the muscles worked.

So how did my back feel afterwards?

Actually, really great. I went into the workout a little concerned I wouldn’t be able to do it with the pain. When I finished, my back felt better than it has in awhile. Funny, times I’ve asked the doctor how to manage lower back pain, he always said the best thing was diet and exercise. Doc, I think you were right. I just needed to have someone show me how.

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