21 Day Fix Day 3: Lower Fix (Leg day!)

My goodness, it’s crazy how quickly you can lose forward progress! I am really starting to regret falling off the trail even more. It wasn’t that long ago I was acing P90X3 exercises and now I’m really feeling the heat on beginner level 21 Day Fix exercises.

But hey, the next time I’ll think twice before falling off the fitness trail!

What is the Lower Fix?

Like all the other workouts in the 21 Day Fix, the Lower Fix is a thirty minute routine. The Lower Fix is focused on (you guessed it) the lower body. Get ready for some burning in your legs! You’ll need some weights or resistance bands, a workout mat, a water, and a towel.

The warm up consists of two rounds designed to get your legs ready for some action. Jogging, jumping jacks, arm circles, over the top, hamstring stretch, and then repeat.

The actual workout is four rounds each having two exercises. Each move will be done for one minute and there is a 20 second break in between. I like that there is no set pace. Since I am out of the loop, I can go at my own pace right now and I’ll ratchet it up in the coming weeks.

The four rounds cover everything from various lunges, squats, raises, and of course you’ll do everything twice. Oh, and by the way, there’s a bonus round exercise! Be ready! The cool down was much appreciated and I definitely won’t skip it. Last year, I skipped a cool down and the next day I pulled a muscle in my leg. It can happen to anyone! Don’t skip the cool down!!

I can’t forget about nutrition

Most of the results I’ll see losing weight happen with good decisions at mealtime. I’m slowly working back into the routine of using the portion control containers. I’ve been rejecting some treats like soda (yikes!) and chocolate. Especially now that I am seeing the cost of my indulgences of late, it is making it easier to say no. Once you get into the swing of things, it becomes very apparent during your workouts how food affects your performance. Must. Eat. To. Fuel!!!