From Soul Crushing to Goal Crushing: 21 Day Fix Day 2

Right on track, so far. I started the day by taking my weight first thing in the morning. Some people recommend not checking your weight daily, because there are fluctuations, but I like a lot of data points. I suppose you should do what works for you. I personally do not find it demoralizing, but rather quite the opposite. I’ll wait until the end of the week to take more body measurements.

Last night I got a bonus workout in with my wife, who is also doing the 21 Day Fix right now. She asked me if I wanted to join her on the Abs Fix 10 minute workout. I figured the extra workout would do us both some good, so of course I said yes.

Nutrition: Eat to fuel

I have to say, after the last few months of eating what I want with little regard to what I should eat, I am having a bit of longing for certain things. That’s exactly what happens when you program your mind and body to expect certain things. Yes, I want ice cream, snack food, and soda, but I know they’re not going to get me to Goal Crushing anytime soon.

Bacon (I’m not even sorry. It’s leftover Applewood Smoked Bacon from The Fresh Market)
1 egg
Plain yogurt with fresh raspberries
1 Peach

Leftover italian panini half from The Fresh Market
Some Crispix cereal

Trout from The Fresh Market
Green Beans
No carbs 🙁 Since I already surpassed my allotment at lunchtime.

Day two of the 21 Day Fix is the Upper Body Fix. I like to use my resistance bands in place of dumbbells. After the warmup there are two rounds that are each done twice. Each move is done for one minute followed by about a 20 second rest period.

Round 1:
Bent over row
Side punch twist
Push ups
Hammer curl to shoulder press

Round 2:
Lat pull down
Circle crunches
Chest Press
Straight leg scissor twist
Standing Front raise

…and then a brief cool down. Again, since I have been a little out of the loop recently, some of these are actually fairly challenging. The idea is to keep moving throughout each one minute period, but occasionally, I have to drop out for a few seconds before I can keep on moving. I can’t wait to be able to crush these moves in the next week or two.

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