From Soul Crushing to Goal Crushing: 21 Day Fix Day 17 Lower Body Fix

This morning I got up early in my hotel room to make sure I had enough time to get my workout done.  I wasn’t quite sure when the airplane would have the maintenance complete, so I figured I’d better get an early start to get things done.

Today was the Lower Body Fix – the last time during this round of the 21 Day Fix.  I’m continuing to face this one a little gingerly, because I know if I do not maintain good form, it can cost me in terms of how my back reacts!  I can’t wait until I can restore strength to my core to avoid hurting my back in the future.  But, in any event, if I maintain good form and take my time I know I can complete the workouts without pulling the muscles back there!

Once again, I have my resistance bands while I am traveling.  Especially with these, for me, I know I need to be careful doing squats so I don’t hurt myself!  I’m happy to report that everything went well and I got the workout done.

While we waited for the airplane to be repaired, we decided to go to downtown Chicago and visit the Field Museum.  We were able to walk around for probably four hours while we explored their exhibits.  It’s always fascinating to look back through time and check out all kinds of fascinating fossils.  I mean, any time you can stand face to face with an actual T-Rex is pretty awesome.  There was so much more at this museum than I could possibly stuff into a health and fitness article, but suffice it to say I walked a lot of steps!  According to the pedometer on my phone, I walked a grand total of 6.41 miles during our visit.  I’d say that’s pretty good!

After the museum we got the call that the airplane was fixed

I hadn’t really expected to be able to continue on to Vegas today, but we did after all.  We brought the airplane out west in the evening.  It’s always a fun approach into Vegas, seeing all the lights along the strip.  There won’t be much running around town for us this trip, because we’ll need to be well rested to head out tomorrow evening.  That’s fine, though.  All I’d like now is a good night’s sleep.  After all, sleep is one of the most important parts to maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Take a look at my Beachbody store today and let’s get fit together!

I want Dan to be my fitness friend!