From Soul Crushing to Goal Crushing: 21 Day Fix Day 16 Upper Body Fix

Crazy day!  I started the day flying the boss to his first stop of the day.  We waited for a few hours while he completed some business and then the plan was to continue on to Vegas for him to have some relaxation time.  Unfortunately, by the time he came back after lunch we had a problem develop mechanically with the airplane.  Next thing we know, we have to tell him we are unable to complete the flight to Vegas.  Man, I hate telling him we can’t get him to where he needs to go.  For pilots, job one is to ensure safety.  In this case, it was definitely a safety issue that needed to be attended to before continuing on.  My co-captain and I stayed behind with the aircraft and the boss was able to take another flight out to Vegas.

So, instead of heading west today as planned, we stayed behind with the airplane and checked into a hotel.  The good news for me was I was able to concentrate of my progress.

As far as nutrition today, I started the day with a nice breakfast at the hotel this morning.  I had some Special K and a good helping of fresh fruit.  For lunch, I was able to order a grilled chicken breast and some iced tea.  Yes, I had fries.  Oh well!  Dinner was a little bit on the hefty side at Outback Steakhouse – they’re having their steak and crab legs promotion going on now and that was too hard to turn up.  I had the small 6 ounce steak with some crab legs and some iced tea again.  Overall I am fairly pleased with my choices today!

Back at the hotel I did the 21 Day Fix Day 16 Upper Body Fix.  Since I am travelling, I do not have my weights with me, but instead have my resistance bands!  I love how compact and light these are to travel with.  The picture you see here is me doing some tricep kick backs working my triceps.  Yeah!  The rest of the Upper Body Fix is great, as I’ve written about  before.  My natural strength is in my legs, so getting a chance to work my upper body is very much needed.  These Spongebob arms have got to go!

The nature of the problem with the airplane has meant that no one will be able to work on it today, so I am expecting to not hear anything from maintenance at least until tomorrow.  In the morning, I plan to get my Upper Body Fix workout done and hopefully we’ll get some good news with the airplane to find out where we are headed next!  Talk to you guys tomorrow!!