From Soul Crushing to Goal Crushing: 21 Day Fix Day 15 Total Body Cardio Fix

Ok, so the picture is a little blurry!  I think there’s a metaphor there for how I’m feeling!  A little dazed, but soldiering on.  This is the last workout I am going to get to do from home during this round of the 21 Day Fix.  I am setting out tomorrow to go to work and I’ll be flying my boss all over the country during the next week.

All the upcoming travel means this is going to be a tough week to stay on track

One of the hardest things about fitness and flying is the schedule.  I do not work a normal job with normal hours.  Healthy eating on the road is extra tough for pilots because we work such odd schedules.  I know there will be days ahead when I simply cannot do my workouts.  For me, the best thing to do is minimize the “damage” done over the course of my trip.

But this is a problem for the days ahead 

Today, I simply need to get one good strong workout in and manage my nutrition the best I can.  As I’m entering the final week of the 21 Day Fix, I did the Total Body Cardio Fix today.  For me this is the toughest workout in the entire program.  I’m glad I get to do it at home with the added benefit of my weights rather than on the road with my resistance bands.  That being said, I’m not sure I was completely satisfied with my performance today, but I think that may have something to do with the fact that I have a difficult week ahead of me!

I’m a little nervous about taking all my measurements and my weight at the end of the week.  I really want to get to the end of this and show with numbers how effective it is.  But, the fear is there.  I really hope I can maintain forward progress in this coming week.  Even if I don’t, I need to remember to not be discouraged at the end.  I set out at the beginning of this program to reenter the health and wellness lifestyle.  At the end, that is all that is important to me.  I can expect to make some real progress in the coming months as I go through my next planned program!!!

Let’s get fit together!

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