From Soul Crushing to Goal Crushing: 21 Day Fix Day 10, Lower Fix

Kind of a quiet day around here.  I haven’t had to go fly for a week or two, which has meant a lot of time at home.  I wasn’t really expecting this time right now, given how the airplane owner usually does summertime.  I can’t complain!  I’ve loved having time at home – because it’s meant time with my girls and also time to focus on crushing my goals.

Last week when I did the Lower Fix, I hurt my back a bit.  I was a little nervous doing the same workout because I really do not want to hurt my back again anytime soon.  I made some mistakes last week that I was sure to not make this week.  As long as I actually listen to the trainers during the workout and do what they same, I can’t get hurt.  Funny how that works.

I also think it helped me to actually go ahead and purchase a set of dumbbells this week.  This workout can be done with resistance bands, but I think right now for me the best thing to do to have accurate form is to use the dumbbells.  Something to think about if you decide to join me on this workout.


Today, I started with my usual plain yogurt, honey, and granola plus some grapes for a fruit.  I did not feel like making a fancy lunch today, so I had some pita chips and hummus, a grapefruit, and some carrots.  Dinner was a shrimp pasta primavera.  I am pretty pleased overall, but I still need to get more veggies in the diet.  I ended up only eating about half of what I should be, so that will be something to keep working on.


Check out my YouTube video with a little inside view into Leg Day with the Lower Fix!  A lot of squats with added weight means for burning legs.  Man, this workout is going by quickly!  I’ll only get to do this one once more during the final week next week!!

I'd love to have you as my fitness friend!

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