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Lose weight.  Get fit.  Elevate your life.

I’m not a fitness guru.  I’m not a personal trainer.  I’m a regular guy who never liked exercise.  I nearly worked myself into the ground at in a brutal segment of a tough industry.  My body was taking a beating and I needed to stay healthy to ensure longevity in my career.  Some friends of mine – Beachbody Coaches – came to my rescue.  I’ve lost weight.  I’ve restored my digestion to optimal status.  I’ve been relieved of my daily heartburn.  I’ve gained strength in my core, reducing my back pain.  I’ve gained energy.

I’m a fitness motivator.  I want to share with you the benefits of health and wellness.

I’ve had so much success as a Beachbody® customer that I decided to be a Coach to pay it forward.  When you purchase a Beachbody product through me, I’ll be on your side to help you elevate your life into one that is full of health and wellness.

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One of my friends from Orlando is a Beachbody Coach…

My friend Brent and his wife are both Beachbody Coaches, actually.  I’d watched them on Facebook for a long time after I moved away from Orlando in pursuit of my flying career.  They both were consistently in good shape, naturally.  After hitting so many brick walls, I decided to take the Beachbody Challenge.

I lost 20 pounds in under a month.  More importantly, my health issues disappeared.  I am energized.  I. am. hooked.



So what am I offering you?




Proven programs, like Insanity and P90X, that travel with you.  All you need is a tablet, laptop, or smartphone and you can workout at home or on the road.  And you can get started for as little as $2.99 per week.


Probably the most important part of the equation.  What you use to fuel your body matters.  I can help you learn to portion and proportion the right foods to succeed – to lose weight, to feel great.


Personal support from me.  Community support from fellow Beachbody Challengers.  Professional support from Beachbody HQ.