MyQ by Chamberlain Wi-Fi Enabled Garage Door Remote

Especially after becoming parents we found ourselves having to turn around more and more to double check we actually did stupid everyday things like close the garage door.  When you’re trying to make appointments or meet up with friends or family, it sure is annoying having to take extra time to cross check yourself.

When we still lived in our rental home, we just kind of dealt with the problem, thinking there was nothing much we could do about it except do our best to remember closing the garage door right before we drove away.  If you’re not a parent, maybe this isn’t such a big thing, but I’m telling you – getting a toddler ready to leave the house is a production.  Haha, and our kid is actually pretty easy.  I really feel for parents of really energetic kids or parents of multiple children.  God bless you, really!

After we moved into our first house I really wanted to find a solution.  I found the Chamberlain Smartphone Controlled MyQ on Amazon.  It’s only $99 and it’s solved all our troubles.

The installation was super easy.  There are two basic parts to the MyQ.  There is a door position sensor that gets placed directly on the garage door.  There is also the Wi-Fi hub that will get mounted to the ceiling near your garage door motor.  You’ll plug the hub right into the power outlet shared by the garage door motor.  The instruction packet is short and simple to follow as far as pairing the unit with your garage door motor.  Finally, you’ll follow some simple instructions on how to connect the MyQ to your home Wi-FI network.

Smartphone App

Oh, don’t forget to download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.  The app itself is also super simple to use.  The main screen user interface is an animated drawing of your door.  Open is open and closed is closed.  You’ll also see an immediate readout of how many hours / minutes the door has been in its current position.  I also like that I can view a history right on the app to see recent activity.  Perhaps the best feature is a push notification you can set up to alert you if the door has been left open for your definition of “too long.”


One more thing.  The unit is designed to offer both a visual and an aural warning of a pending door closure.  If you are not at home and you select your garage door to close, a strobe and a beeping alarm will sound to warn anyone who may be in the pathway of the door to move away.  This is obviously a required safety feature, but it makes great sense to ensure no one gets hurt.

Inexpensive, easy to install, easy to use, and reliable.  Go take a look at the Amazon sales page and check it out for yourself.