What do you do when your toddler has been asking for days to take her somewhere you’re not even sure exists?

For the last three or four days, our 3 year old has been asking us to take her to the building with the blue roof with letters on it. When we asked her what there is to do there, she kept saying it was the car store.


Kid, what on earth are you talking about?

None of us could figure it out. Not me, not mommy, not grandma or grandpa. I was starting to think this was a magical place that existed only in her head.

Last week, a buddy of mine and I went for sushi and stopped at a car wash on the way back home. Turns out, this place has a blue roof with letters on it – and, wait for it, there are cars there. Additionally, it’s the kind of car wash that you can stay in your car as it drives through the tunnel.

Could this be the answer? We have driven past it with her a number of times.

Today, I was on baby duty while mommy spent some time working. I got her all dressed and headed out the door.

She liked the car wash just fine, but was altogether pretty unimpressed.

Fine. I turned out of the parking lot and headed towards home. When she asked me where we were headed, she said, “No, I don’t want to go home! I want to go to the car store.” So, I asked her where the car store was and if she could tell me how to drive there.

So, she did. She got us vaguely pointed in the direction of where she wanted to go. I kept asking her questions trying to figure out what she wanted:

What kind of cars? Big cars.
Are they toy cars? Yes.
Are there trains, too? No.
Are there other toys? Octonaut toys.

Octonaut toys? Yes.


We went to Toys R Us MONTHS ago. Like 6 months, maybe? She sat in the Power Wheels cars and pretended to drive them. Apparently we made a memory that day.

When we arrived at Toys R Us and she saw the blue building with letters on it, she said “That’s what I was talking about, daddy!!!”

Success! I took her inside and the first thing she found was a Little Tikes Playhouse.  We got a little distracted here, which I was totally ok with. There’s something about a 3 year old playing pretend that just makes my heart melt. The playhouse had two doors, two windows, and a mailbox.

I might be the only dad who gets down on the floor at Toys R Us and plays house, but I don’t even care. It made for the best day ever.

We let time get away from us a little bit, but we did stop to go play in the Power Wheels cars before we left. Of course, that was just as fun, but lunchtime and naptime were looming on the horizon.

We’ll be back, of course, but at least next time when she asks I’ll know what on earth she is asking for.